10 Possible benefits of curd for hair growth

Benefits of Curd for Hair

The curd is not only good for your body and general health but for your hair too. Here are 10 benefits of curd for hair growth listed below.

1. Boosts Immunity

The vitamins and nutrients in yogurt are good for boosting immunity. Poor immunity equates to frequent or rapid hair loss, but with a cup of yogurt, you won’t have to worry about that.

2. Rich in Protein

Your hair follicles require protein to be strong and healthy. Just by adding in some curd or applying some on your scalp, you’ll be going a long way towards nourishing them. Protein also boosts metabolism and that influences your hair growth directly too.

3. Hydrates Your Scalp

Yogurt is known to hydrate your scalp very well. It rejuvenates your hair follicles and gets rid of that dreaded dryness and dullness, especially during the winter months.

4. Fixes Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a huge problem faced by many. Yogurt softens your hair follicles and works as a soothing agent. It keeps your style in place.

5. Eliminates Dandruff

Those white flaky particles are detestable to look at but you don’t have to worry anymore now. Just apply some yogurt and leave it on for 40 minutes. Rinse and voila – your dandruff is gone!

6. Improves the Shine Factor

Yes, curd adds shine to your hair and makes it lustrous.  Making a curd mask and applying it to your hair for half an hour will work magic on those hair follicles. Your hair locks will simply look gorgeous and you can rinse it with shampoo afterwards.

7. Makes Your Hair Strong

Are your hair follicles too weak and come apart too easily? If yes, then you should consider mixing curd with olive oil, curry and basil leaf paste and applying that to your hair. It’s shown to strengthen it by delivering the right blend of nutrients to your hair follicles.

8. Conditions Your Hair

Yes, curd also works as a natural hair conditioner. It eliminates itchiness and irritation on your scalp and works even better when applied by mixing it with two teaspoons of honey. Your hair will become softer and silkier with this blend and it even moisturise your scalp in the process.

9. Hairs Softening

Perhaps one of the more credible claims surrounding curd and hair health is the product’s ability to soften and moisturize your hair. You may also notice reduced frizz.

10. Hair growth

Besides a healthy scalp, your hair relies on strength to remain intact so it can grow properly. To that end, some believe curd may help promote hair growth.

It’s thought that B vitamins are partially credited here, as they can promote stronger hair growth at a faster rate. Biotin (vitamin B-7) in particular is credited with the promotion of hair growth, along with other ingredients found in milk products, such as zinc.

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